Sharing and Permissions in the New Dashboards Experience

Sharing and permissions have been significantly simplified as part of the new dashboards experience. Now, sharing and permissions are set at the dashboard level, and all reports saved on a dashboard inherit the same set of sharing and permissions settings of that dashboard.


To share a dashboard, and therefore all reports contained within it, click the Share button at the top right of the dashboard. From here, sharing works as before, but remember, sharing a dashboard now shares all of that dashboards' reports as well. Click here to learn more about sharing.


Both reports and dashboards can also be shared via the "Copy URL" button at the top right. Clicking this button will immediately copy the short link to the report or dashboard, so you can quickly paste it into your application of choice.


So long as the recipient has access to the project, they will be able to see the shared report or dashboard. However, unless they have specifically given Editor permissions, they will only be able to view it, not edit it.


In the sharing process, you can choose the permissions level granted to the individual with whom you're sharing the dashboard. Teammates with access to a dashboard can either be Viewers (any changes made will not be saved) or Editors (changes made will be saved). Click here to learn more about permissions.

As with sharing, setting a user's permission level on a dashboard will give them the same permission level for all reports on that dashboard.

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