New limits and ordering of segments


In order to keep the interactive analysis experience snappy for projects of all sizes, we've made 2 changes:

  • Added maximum limits to how many segments are returned when breaking down a metric by properties
  • Changed the logic for the top segments that are returned



We're changing how many segments are returned back to the report (visible limit), how many segments can be selected at a time for visualization (selection limit) as well as the number of segments selected by default (default selection).

Here's the breakdown per report + visualization type:

Report Viz Default Selection Selection Limit Visible Limit
Insights (bar) 12 300 3000
Insights (line) 12 50 3000


6 12 200
Funnels 6 12 200

Downloaded CSV and API

When downloading results as CSV or when querying our APIs, the limits remain unchanged.

Top Segments logic

The way we pick the top segments differs according to the type of query. We choose the top segments based on the value shown in the second column.

Query type How we select top segments


Total number of occurrences of the chosen event
Unique Number of unique users who performed the chosen event
Sum of property values Sum of the chosen property
Min/max of property values Lowest/highest value of the chosen property
Average Number of events (or users) that contribute to the average
Median/Percentile/Distribution Number of events (or users) that contribute to the distribution
Distinct count Number of distinct values of the chosen property
DAU/WAU/MAU Number of unique users
Sessions Number of sessions that contain the chosen event
Funnels Total number of times the first funnel step was completed
Retention Total number of times the first event was completed


Why are we adding new limits to breakdowns in reports?

Interactive analysis is key to finding great insights from your data - you ask a question, get an answer, ask another question building on that answer and you finally get an insight which is key, and you trust the answer because you experienced the journey to get there. If results take a long time to return, the interactivity goes away from interactive analysis, which takes away the magic.

How will I know if my results are being pruned?

You will see an indication like this:


Does this mean the downloaded CSV has lower limits?

No, limits for CSV downloads remain unchanged across Insights, Funnels and Retention.


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