Use Cases for Data Views

Use Data Views to manage access to a subset of the project data defined by filters for a group of users or team. Click here to learn how to create and manage Data Views in your project.

Here are some examples where a project admin can use Data Views.

Teams or Functional Areas

You have a Mixpanel project that contains all of your data. Engineering, Marketing, Support, and various product teams all use Mixpanel on a regular basis. Each team can have a Data View filtering for relevant data.


The Community team at Mixpanel uses Data Views. Rather than trudging through thousands of events in the "All Project Data" Data View, we made our own Data View called "QBQ | The Mixpanel Community". In our case, we have 10 events in the global "All Project Data" Data View that pertain to user events in the community. On top of it, there are 5 company-wide engagement indicating events that we try to impact. We added the 15 events to our Data View. It’s made it much easier to go into Mixpanel and access the data we care about.

Separate Customer Data from Internal User Data

Create a Data View for customer data by excluding data tracked by your internal users/employees. Create another Data View for just your internal users. By doing this, you no longer have to remember to add cohorts or filters each time you create a Board, Report, or Cohort.


You can create a “Customer” Data View by excluding your internal email addresses with the user property filter. Alternatively, you can also create an “Employees” Data View by including only internal email addresses with the user property filter (e.g. "Email" event and user property contain “”).

Regions or Geo-Based Teams

For a global organization with multiple offices, regional teams might need access to data from only their region. E.g. The marketing team in the Asia region would like to target only Asian customers and should not have access to US customers' data. 


For each region, you can create a Data View specific to that region. E.g. EMEA, APAC, America or US, UK, FR, etc. After you have created the Data Views, you can configure data for the regional team that was previously filtered by using an event/user property such as ‘Region’ to include or exclude data.

Verified Data Only

Teams that want to closely manage events that are included in all their analysis can either include or exclude the specific events in the Data View definition. 


You can either include or exclude specific events by name (e.g. Include events "Doc.Signed", "Doc.Sent", "Log.In", etc.).

Engineering/Product Teams Working on a Specific Platform/App Version

Use Data Views to target specific versions of the app or platform(s) to be included in the analysis.


Create a Data View that filters based on an event property including only specific versions as part of the analysis (e.g. "App Version" event property equals "2.0.1" or "3.1.0").

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