Mixpanel’s Startup Program

Mixpanel's Startup Program enables early startups to easily track and analyze data to find product-market fit. The program is open to early-stage startups that meet the following requirements:

  • Incorporated less than two years ago
  • Raised no more than $5 million (USD) in total funding
  • Hasn't previously redeemed other Mixpanel offers

Participating startups receive $50,000* in annual credit toward a Mixpanel monthly Growth plan.

Apply for Mixpanel's Startup Program

* Mixpanel credits cannot be used towards the purchase of an Enterprise plan.


Do I have to be a “new” customer to receive a credit?

New and current customers who have not received any other exclusive offer and are not currently on a paid plan are eligible to apply.

What offers prevent me from qualifying for the Startups Program?

Other startup or incubator-specific offers like the Product School offer prevent you from qualifying.

Credit Details

How do I redeem the Startup Program credits?

Eligible startups can apply directly for the Mixpanel Startup Program. Credits will automatically be applied to eligible line items when purchasing or upgrading to a Growth plan.

How are the credits applied?

Credits are applied to your monthly bill, covering up to $50,000* in total usage per year. Any additional usage costs are not covered by the program and charged to the credit card on file.

* Mixpanel credits cannot be used towards the purchase of an Enterprise plan.

The credit is larger than the most expensive plan available for purchase online. Why?

Mixpanel's Startup Program credit is large enough to cover additional a la carte data fees, in the event your application is adopted by large numbers of users within the first year.

If you were to purchase a 25,000 MTU plan, any monthly tracked user (MTU) above the MTU limit would billed at a metered rate (120% of base rate). 

If you tracked exactly 150,000 monthly tracked users (MTU) each month:

  • A monthly growth plan at the 25,000 MTU rate would work out to a bill of $6153/month
    (each additional MTU above the 25,000 subscription costs ~$0.0422)
    • With $50,000 in credit, at 150,000 MTUS per month, this results in 8 months for free.
  • A annual growth plan at the 25,000 MTU rate would work out to a bill of $4404/month after the initial annual subscription.
    • The annual price is about 30% less, so each additional MTU would be billed at a metered rate of ~$0.0302 per MTU.
    • At 150,000 MTUs per month this results in 11 months for free, with ~$2000 in credits left over to apply to the 12th month.

Where can I view the credits applied to my Mixpanel account?

You can see credits in Overview in the Organization Settings. The Data Usage and Billing Information sections both display information about the credits. Eligible credits will also appear in the checkout process when purchasing a Growth plan.


What happens if I exceed the credit available?

If you go over the total credit applied, you will be charged for the additional usage for that month to the credit card on file.

Do the credits expire?

Startup program credits expire 1 year after issue. You can see the expiration date in the CREDITS tab under Billing Information in the ORGANIZATION SETTINGS Overview. Once the credits expire, the credit card on file will be charged to cover subscription and a la carte data costs.

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