Ignore "$last_seen"/"Updated at" Property in user profiles

Prevent the $last_seen (aka Updated at) property from incorrectly updating user profile properties with misleading timestamps in server-side Mixpanel implementations.

Use "$ignore_time"

The $last_seen property reflects the timestamp of the last update to any user profile property, so server-side calls also overwrite and result in all user profiles showing the same timestamp for $last_seen.

To avoid an overwrite, add in the $ignore_time property to the people call.

"$token": "e3bc4100330c35722740fb8c6f5abddc",
   "$distinct_id": "13793",
   "$ip": "",
   "$ignore_time": true,
   "$set": {
       "Address": "1313 Mockingbird Lane"

This request updates the profile without updating $last_seen (To be safe, all server-side updates to user records should ignore time).

For example, in Ruby you can ignore time by passing “$ignore_time” => “true” into the optional_params dict.

tracker.people.set('Drew', {'$first_name' => 'Drew'}, 0, {'$ignore_time' => 'true'}
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