Create and Manage Teams

Mixpanel enables you to create and delete teams within an organization. Teams make it easier to manage roles and permissions for a group of users.

View this article to see information on how to manage roles and permissions for individual users.

Creating Teams

To create teams in Mixpanel, first access the Organizations Settings menu.

  1. Under "ORGANIZATIONS SETTINGS", click Users & Teams and click on the Teams tab.
  2. Select Create Team, enter the name of the team, and click Done. The newly created team will appear in the teams list.


Adding Projects to Teams

Adding projects to a team gives all individuals in the team access to that project. To add projects to a team:

  1. In the “Teams” list, select the project you want to add to a team.
  2. In the “Projects” section, click Add Projects.
  3. In the “Add New Project” box, search for the project you want to add, and select the appropriate project role.


Adding Users to Teams

All users added to a team will receive the same role and permissions that is assigned to the team. To add users to a team:

  1. In the “Teams list,” select the team you want to assign to the user.
  2. In the “Projects” section, click Add Users.
  3. In the “Add Users” box, you can search for and add the users you want to add, and click Save.


Editing Team Name

  1. In the “Teams” list, click on the team you want to edit.
  2. In the “Details” section, click the Pencil icon for the name you want to edit.
  3. Enter a new name and click Save.


Managing Team Permissions

When you assign a project to a team, every user on that team receives access to that project. 

All team members inherit the role designated to the team.

To assign a role to a team:

  1. Select a project in the "Project" field.
  2. Select a role from the "Role" dropdown.
  3. Click Done.

For example, in the GIF below, Team ZQ has been assigned the “SF Rover Space” project. Note “Analyst” has been selected in the “Role” dropdown. As a result, each member of Team ZQ receives access to the "SF Rover Space" project with a role of analyst.


Deleting Teams

To delete one or more teams:

  1. Click on the team(s) you want to delete.  A delete box appears and indicates that the deletion is permanent and all users will lose permissions to deleted team.
  2. Click Delete Team. The deleted team is no longer in the teams list.


You can also delete projects and users in the “Details” page. Click the name of the team, to open the “Details” page. Hover over a project or user. A gray trash can icon appears to the right of the project. Click the trash icon to delete the project or user.


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