Organizations Overview

Mixpanel Organizations simplifies how to securely manage Mixpanel projects, teams, and users.

Previous Project Owner Model

In previous versions of Mixpanel, the user who created the project automatically became the project owner.

The project owner controlled security and administrative settings, payments, plans, and managed team member roles. This is inefficient because it creates large administrative dependencies on an individual user.

Additionally, this model makes it difficult to manage all of the projects and teams in a larger organization. While a singular project owner model works, it can present issues at scale.

Organizations Introduction

To address these problems, Mixpanel is introducing a new group access model called organizations.

In a group access model such as Organizations, responsibilities and permissions are applied where it makes sense to apply them, removing the burden on an individual project owner.

All company projects, users, teams, and billing plans now roll up to an organization level. A company’s organization has an organization owner, admin, and billing admin to manage administrative and billing tasks.


For more information about configuring Organizations, see the Organizations Settings article.

New Roles and Permissions

Organizations introduces new roles in order to streamline permissions within Mixpanel. There are four different roles for Organizations, and four project member roles.

Organization Roles

The new organization roles include owner, admin, billing admin and member. These roles vary by administrative permissions. For example, the billing admin can access settings and edit payment details, but cannot invite users.

Alternatively, an organization admin can invite users but cannot purchase a new Mixpanel plan.

You can only add organization members to projects that belong to the organization.

Project Roles

Project Roles offer the ability to build permissions within a project, helping your team work as efficiently as possible. Available roles include project owner, admin, analyst, and consumer. For more information, see Project Roles and Permissions.



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