GDPR Compliance

We'll be ready!

Mixpanel plans to be GDPR ready well before the May 25th, 2018 deadline.

We are already Privacy Shield certified. Read more about that in this help article.


This 2-page PDF answers the following questions: 

  • What is the GDPR?
  • How does GDPR impact Mixpanel and its customers?
  • Is Mixpanel collecting data?
  • Does GDPR require data to stay in the EU or to be stored in the EU?
  • Will Mixpanel be compliant with GDPR?
  • Will Mixpanel enter into a Data Processing Agreement (“DPA”) with me?
  • Does Mixpanel have publicly available information about its security program?

Security White Paper

This 13-page PDF is an overview of the Mixpanel Security Program and Practices, including:

  • Data Collection
  • Physical Security
  • Employee Security Awareness
  • Incident Response  
  • Security features and functionality
  • Application and Network Architecture

Data Processing Addendum

We have updated our DPA to ensure compliance with all GDPR-specific requirements. This supplements our Terms of Use and provides contractual safeguards to our customers for the processing of the personal data sent through Mixpanel, enabling these customers to be compliant with the GDPR.

Security Questionnaire 

This 4-page PDF contains 24 questions and detailed answers covering:

  • Data Center Features
  • Data Retention and Deletion
  • Data Security and Management
  • Encryption and Password Management
  • HR/Corporate Policies
  • Audits
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management

Mixpanel has a team of privacy and security professionals dedicated to our compliance and to helping you maintain your compliance when using Mixpanel.

If you would like more information or have follow-up questions please reach out to us at

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