Default Mobile Events Collection

Mixpanel’s mobile SDKs automatically track common mobile events for iOS and Android.


For best result, use the latest release of the mobile SDKs (Obj-C > 3.3.9, Android > 5.4.5, Swift > 2.5.8) to properly collect this information.

To see the full list of default properties that Mixpanel collects, see Default Properties Collected by Mixpanel.

Mobile Events

This table describes mobile events.

Display Name Database Name Description
First App Open  $ae_first_open Tracks the first time the user opens the app if the user has not opened the app previously.

Mixpanel determines whether the user opened the app based on archived information.

If a user uninstalls then reinstalls the app, or clears local storage in their mobile settings, the "First App Open" event executes. However, the event does not execute between app updates.
App Updated $ae_updated Executes when a user updates the app from a previous version.

Mixpanel detects the change based on a persisted app version value.

If a change occurs from a previous app version, Mixpanel executes the “App Updated” event.
App Crashed $ae_crashed Executes when Mixpanel receives either an exception or a signal that indicates the app has crashed.

In addition, Mixpanel calls “Reason” to help identify the type of crash. Note that Mixpanel does not track this event in Swift.
App Session $ae_session Executes when the user spends more than 10 seconds in the app.

This event also includes a property, “Session Length,” which reflects the number of seconds the user spent in the session.

To override the minimum or maximum session value, follow the steps in Adjust Session Length Parameters for App Session Event.
In App Purchase (IAP) $ae_iap Executes when a user conducts an in-app purchase through your app.

Mixpanel provides three properties for this event; "Product Name", "Product Quantity", and "Product Price".

At this time, the "In App Purchase" event is not available on Android.

Duplicate Tracking

Duplicate tracking occurs if you programmatically track any of the automatically tracked common mobile events above. To prevent duplication, either remove programmatic tracking or disable common mobile events.

Enable or Disable Common Mobile Events 

To enable collection of common mobile events from your Mixpanel project:

  1. In PROJECT SETTINGS select the project.

  2. Click Autotrack.

    To enable Mixpanel to automatically collect common mobile events, slide the toggle to appear green. Mixpanel now collects all default event data and properties if you have integrated the latest Mixpanel mobile SDKs (Obj-C > 3.3.9, Android > 5.4.5, Swift > 2.5.8).

    To disable Mixpanel to automatically collect common mobile events, slide the toggle to appear gray.
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