Can I delete or hide events and properties from my project?

Whether or not the item you’re trying to remove from your project can be completely deleted depends on whether it’s an event, an event property, or a people property.

Tip: You can tell if the property you’re trying to remove is an event property by going to Segmentation > BY Properties, and find the item in the dropdown:

  • The 2016-05-12_00_13_56.629468-event_property_icon.png next to that property denotes an event property.

  • The2016-05-12_00_23_34.140227-people_property_icon_2.png denotes a people property.

Events and event properties

Event data is immutable in Mixpanel, which means it cannot be edited or deleted once it's been sent to your project.

For all Mixpanel users, events and event properties that have not been sent to your project in 30 days will automatically be hidden from your reporting entirely.

Additionally, if you’re on an Enterprise plan (see pricing page for more detail), you can hide events and event properties you see in your Mixpanel project via the Data Management menu. Access the Data Management menu by clicking your name in the upper righthand corner of your Mixpanel project and selecting Project settings from the dropdown.

Note: Custom Events are not hidden automatically like regular events, and they also cannot be hidden via the Data Management menu.

Hide and show events via the Data Management menu:


Tips on hiding events/event properties

  • Events and event properties are hidden on the project level, meaning if you hide an event or property, it will be hidden for all users of that project.

  • Hiding events and event properties via this menu does not stop these events and event properties from being sent to Mixpanel; hiding is simply meant to clean up the interface if you have dropdown items you’re not using.

  • To completely stop events from being recorded in your Mixpanel project, you’ll need to remove the code that sends those events to Mixpanel.

  • Hiding events and event properties can be a useful feature when combined with custom events; for example, if you wanted to change the name of a couple of events without writing code. Learn more about custom events.

  • Events that have been hidden via the Data Management menu will still be visible in Live View.

People properties

If you’re just trying to delete a few specific people properties from certain people profiles, you can do so manually. Hover over the people property in that user’s people profile, and click the trash can. This will remove that property only for the specific user - it won’t delete the people property from all profiles.

If you need to delete more than a few people properties, it is possible to delete people properties programmatically through the Engage API using the $unset method. Detailed instructions on deleting people profiles via the Engage API. Mixpanel also provides an API module to make it easy to unset a property from your profiles in bulk.

When unsetting people properties, keep in mind that if you continue to update properties from the implementation (and/or via previous versions of the app for mobile implementations), they will continue to re-populate the drop down even after they've been $unset.

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