How can I find out how many datapoints I’ve sent so far and how close I am to my plan limits?

There are two places in Mixpanel where a project owner can see how many data points have been sent or how much of your Engagement and People plans you have consumed. Click your name in the upper righthand corner of your Mixpanel project and either:

  1. Select Account from the dropdown > Billing Plans.
  2. Select Project settings from the dropdown > Management.

Note that only the project owner has access to this information and that other team members who view Billing Plans and Management menus will not see accurate data point tallies here.

Billing Plans

If you are the owner of a project, you can see a summary of how much of your plan has been used so far under Billing Plans. This will include data for all projects under that plan. For example, if you own three projects and each one has sent 10,000 data points so far this month, Data points used here would be 30,000.

In this example, the owner of this account has two projects. Both projects combined have a total of 17,167 People Profiles and have used 84,102 data points:



You can see how many data points you’ve sent and how many People Profiles you have for a specific, single project via the Management menu.

In this example, this particular project has sent 2,363,073 data points this month and has 1,698,834 People Profiles stored:


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