Project Token, API Key, API Secret

In order to ensure the security of data, the Mixpanel API requires a basic system of authentication in order to consume your data. Authentication relies on three credentials:

  1. Project Token
  2. API Key
  3. API Secret

Project Token

Your project token is used whenever you want to send data (events or people) to Mixpanel. 

Your token is public, and is the only project-specific object required to send data to Mixpanel.

Since Mixpanel users can have multiple projects, and each project has its own project token, whenever you want to send data to a specific project, you'll need to specify the project token so we know where to send the data.


Your API key acts as both a unique identifier and a token for authentication. It will generally have a set of access rights on the API associated with it.

Your API key will correspond to the project you wish to consume from.

API Secret

This is a secret API key corresponding to your project. You should never share this API secret or send it over email. 

You will use your secret to sign an API call, and it is required to extract data from your Mixpanel project.

There are two different ways to find the project credentials. From a Mixpanel project:

1. Click the Settings gear in the upper righthand corner of your Mixpanel project and select Project settings to see your project token for the project you’re currently viewing.


2. Select the Management tab. The token and API secret will be appear in the Management window.



1. To view the project tokens for all your projects, select Account information under your Profile.


2. Select the Projects tab. The token, API key, and API secret for all projects will appear in the Account window. 


Reset Credentials


A reset will break any dependent import/export operations. Check with your team to be sure that no processes rely on these existing credentials.

Only the Project Owner can reset the project API Key and API Secret.


This will clear both the API Key and API Secret, but not the Project Token

  Reset Project Token

To reset the Project Token, submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to help!

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