Mixpanel App For Zendesk

Mixpanel is retiring support for the Mixpanel App for Zendesk after August 15, 2022. The app is not available to install in the Zendesk App Marketplace. 

The Mixpanel App for Zendesk shows your Zendesk ticket requestor’s Mixpanel User Profile and Activity Feed within Zendesk. This allows you to see the actions that your ticket requestors are performing on your site or application. The app is available for both email support and chat.

The time at which the ticket was created will also be viewable within the Activity Feed under a “Ticket Created” placeholder to allow you to see the actions the requestor performed before and after writing into your Support team.

The Activity Feed is pulled from Mixpanel by matching the ticket requestor’s email with the “$email” user profile property

I signed into the Mixpanel App for Zendesk, but I don’t see any projects.

If you do not see any projects after you have logged into your Mixpanel account, you are not a member of your company’s Mixpanel projects. The administrator of your Mixpanel projects will need to invite you to these projects in order to view them within both Mixpanel and Zendesk.

Why do I not see any Mixpanel data for my Zendesk ticket requestor?

If you are not seeing any Mixpanel data for your Zendesk ticket requestor, this could be due to the way in which we search for the requestor within your Mixpanel projects. 

For more information around the “$email” user profile property, please view our article on Special or reserved properties.

Is there a way to persist one login for all members?

There is no way in which to persist a single login for all members. If you would like all members to have access to the Mixpanel app and your projects, they will need to have their own Mixpanel login and be a member of your Mixpanel projects.

If the number of members of your projects is a concern, a single shared account could be created in which the login information is used by all agents.

How do I see the Activity Feed of someone who is CC’d on an email?

The Zendesk App will only pull from the ticket requestor’s email, so if you would like to view the profile of a user who is CC’d you will need to change this user to the requestor. After changing the ticket requestor, simply refresh the app panel to see real-time data for the new requestor.

Does Zendesk save the Mixpanel data displayed in the Mixpanel App?

The Mixpanel App for Zendesk only queries Mixpanel for this data, nothing is saved in Zendesk. For this reason, there is no way in which to use any Mixpanel data in Zendesk for reporting purposes or creating views.

Does the “Ticket Created” event in the Mixpanel App for Zendesk create an event within my Mixpanel projects?

No, the “Ticket Created” event will only appear within the Activity Feed of the Mixpanel App for Zendesk. This event pulls the timestamp of when the ticket is created and puts a placeholder in the Activity Feed based on this timestamp.

This is not saved in Zendesk nor Mixpanel, but is intended to help visualize the actions your users are performing both before and after sending in a ticket for more context.

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