Group Onboarding Program

The Group Onboarding Program is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to start building a product analytics practice within your own product development processes. Within a few short sessions, you will learn the basics for getting started with Mixpanel and the best practices of our work with 1,000+ customers in leveraging product analytics. 

The program will take place in a group format via remote video and will be attended by other customers of Mixpanel. By attending, you agree and consent to be recorded for the use of other registered attendees. You will be provided access to the following group format, remote video sessions, as regularly pre-scheduled by Mixpanel. If you are unable to attend the designated time of a group format session, Mixpanel will provide temporary access to a recording of the sessions.

Week 1: Kickoff - Program Overview 

  • Walkthrough of onboarding program, for example, discussion of creating an implementation timeline and goals
  • Introduction to core concepts of Mixpanel and planning for an implementation specification

Week 2: Creating a KPI Framework 

  • Walkthrough of best practices on building an analytics strategy and identifying metrics and key performance indicators
  • Tracking plan overview and methodology review

Week 3: Tracking Plan Review and Feedback 

  • Discussion to review common mistakes and themes
  • Open Q&A to answer any questions on your draft implementation tracking plan and to identify areas for adjustment

Week 4: Development and Testing a Mixpanel Implementation 

  • Education on best practices to implement Mixpanel
  • Review of data governance best practices

In addition to the above sessions, a Mixpanel Customer Success team member will review and provide feedback for a draft tracking plan of up to five (5) events over email. Certain of Mixpanel's Enterprise Customers may be eligible for the Group Onboarding Program. For questions about eligibility for the Group Onboarding Program or inquiries about Mixpanel’s enhanced onboarding offerings, please reach out to

Additional Terms and Conditions:

You will have access to the Group Onboarding Program for a period of 60 days after the latter of (i) the Subscription Start Date identified on your Mixpanel Order Form and (ii) the date of last signature of your Mixpanel Order Form. The Group Onboarding Program is accessible only for one (1) Business Unit and is limited to one (1) Product. A “Business Unit” means a single working team and has a single point of contact for development resources. A “Product” means an application with a single set of tracked customer content and is implemented in a single work plan.

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