Organizing and Arranging Board Content

Mixpanel uses a row-based Board Grid system. This system enables flexibility for arranging reports and text on your boards. 

A Row-Based System

The new grid arranges content within rows. To add a card (either a report or text) to a row, click the "+" button that appears on the left of a row when you hover over that row.


To add a row, click the "+ Add Row" button below the last existing row in the board.



Resizing Cards

Cards on a row will automatically expand to fill the width of that row, but once two or more cards are on the row, you can adjust each card's width by clicking and dragging the control between any two cards. Hover between the cards to surface the drag control.


Up to four cards (either reports or text) can exist within a row, and the content in a row will automatically expand to fill the horizontal width of that row. Cards can be horizontally resized within a row, and will snap to positions 1/12th of the width of the row - the minimum width of a card is 3/12th, or one quarter of the width of the row. This makes it easy to fill a row with 1, 2, 3, or 4 cards of equal size.


Resizing Rows

Row heights can now be adjusted to either show more report content, or hide empty space. To vertically resize a row, click and drag the control under that row. Hover under the row to surface the control.


A row's height is initially determined by the tallest card within that row. Text cards can be very short if they contain only one line of text, or very tall if they contain many lines. Meanwhile, reports always start at their minimum height, but may warrant expansion in order to show more data (more bars on a bar chart, for example).

A row will start life at the minimum possible height as described above, but clicking and dragging the control under the row will resize it to any height above that minimum.

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