Dashboard Context and Formatting

Screen_Shot_2022-06-15_at_3.49.31_PM.pngIn addition to displaying raw metrics, dashboards offer the tools to create compelling stories around your data. Now, you can add and richly format text on dashboards, to help teammates quickly and easily understand the meaning and significance of metrics and analyses. While a chart on its own is useful, a chart plus an interpretation is much more valuable. 

Adding Text to Dashboards

To add text to a dashboard, click "Add" at the top right of that dashboard. At the bottom of the resulting dropdown, choose "Text." This will create a new dashboard card where you can enter your desired text.


Formatting Text on Dashboards

Highlighting text you've added will pop up a menu where you can apply the following styling options:

  • Font size (title, subtitle, text)
  • List type (bullets or ordered)
  • Bold, Highlight, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline
  • Quote block
  • Hyperlinks
  • Dividers

Note that some options (ordered lists, quote blocks, underline, and dividers) are available in the "three dot" overflow menu on the righthand side of the formatting popup.



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