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View Users

View Users is a streamlined process for exploring the users contributing to a specific metric or point on a chart. By interacting with the chart, you can view a group of users experiencing friction or dig deep into which users are driving feature adoption.

View Users can help you:

  • See the users contributing to any metric and view their recent activities & properties.
  • Save these users as a cohort.
  • Export these users to a CSV file.



  • To learn more about your users who recently Signed Up at a specific point in time, you can click any point on a chart or line to access View Users. The View Users overlay displays the list of users contributing to your chosen point on the chart.
  • By clicking on one of these users, you can further explore their User Properties like experiment group, purchase count, last event and many more.
  • While viewing a specific user, you can also discover their recent activities (Like, Comment, Message Sent, Ad Conversion, etc) after Sign Up through the Activities menu.



  • Finding the exact group of users who dropped off after Sign Up is possible through View Users in Funnels. While in a Funnels report, click on the section of the chart that displays non-converting users and select View Users - this displays the list of those who didn’t convert after signup.
  • Save this group as a cohort by clicking the Create Cohort button. Now, you can learn more about their product usage or find the root cause of why they didn’t convert after Sign Up.



  • View Users in Retention report presents you with two options - view retained users and view dropped off users. This is helpful to find the specific group of users who were engaged or dropped off after Sign Up over a period of time.
  • Export your group of choice to a CSV with one click. This data can guide meaningful actions, like emailing your user group a note that helps them get unstuck and engaged.
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