Faster Workflows in Reports

Faster Workflows contain the key tools & interactions in Mixpanel to undo mistakes, switch reports, and shift query blocks:

  • Undo / Redo
  • Fluid Report Transitions
  • Drag & Drop Query Blocks

Leveraging these tools & interactions can help with faster building, rebuilding, and exploration of your reports.

Undo / Redo Shortcuts

Undo / redo shortcuts allow for fast adjustments to your analysis. Cmd + Z to undo; Cmd + Shift + Z to redo. Change filters, date ranges, line vs bar chart, and go back in one second to compare before and after, or fix the view.


  • Navigate different report versions: add a new event, filter or breakdown and undo that change with Cmd + Z . This makes iterating between different versions of your report quick and easy.
  • Compare visualizations: go from a bar chart, to a line chart, to a pie chart and all the way back while only using the undo / redo keyboard shortcuts.

Fluid Report Transitions

When switching reports, Fluid Report Transitions preserves the events, filters, breakdowns and date ranges you set originally - no rebuilding required.


  • Start building anywhere: if you’ve built a query in the wrong report or want a different data view, switch over to any of Mixpanel’s other three reports using the buttons at the top of the query builder. All of your original parameters will be preserved.
  • Switch reports for more answers: Notice in Insights that Watch Video is stagnating while Sign Up is growing? Switch to Funnels in one click to learn more about the users who drop off. Then, switch to Flows to find where these dropped off users are navigating instead.

Drag & Drop Query Blocks

Moving a query block to different sections of the query builder is possible through drag & drop functionality. Simply click and drag your query block from one section and place it into another section - no need to reconstruct your queries, simply drag and drop existing ones.


  • Breakdowns ↔ Filters: A breakdown by operating system can be switched into a filter through drag & drop— this allows for quick filtering by your chosen OS without the need to have to recreate a query block from scratch.
  • Global filter ↔ Inline filter: Changing a global filter into a filter on a specific event is supported by drag & drop - just click the global filter and drag it on top of the event of your choice. 
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