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Find Your Organization makes it seamless for new users with a shared work email domain to connect with teammates in an existing organization in Mixpanel, allowing them to access their team’s projects, data, and reports, instead of joining a new, empty org.

This feature is accessible to new users who have verified their email as well as existing organizations that are not an Enterprise plan and do not have SSO enabled.


Setting Discoverability

Only organization owners and billing admins can access “Find Your Organization” by going to Organization settings > Users & Teams > Organization Discoverability

They can enable Find Your Organization by first specifying the private (i.e., work) email domain(s) that should be granted access when a new user signs up for Mixpanel. Please note that public email domains, such as Gmail or Yahoo, cannot be used.

The org owner or admin can then designate the level of discoverability of their organization—open to join, subject to admin approval, or undiscoverable altogether.


Open Organization

An organization designated “open to join” is discoverable and joinable to any new users with an admin-specified email domain(s).


Admin Approval

An organization designated as requiring “admin approval” is discoverable to any new user signing up with a specified email domain, but can only be joined upon request. Admins will receive an email notification to authorize access.


Invite Only

An organization designated “invite only” is undiscoverable regardless of email domain. New users must be invited by the admin.



You can learn more about other new user provisioning methods, such as SSO, by clicking here.

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