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Creating a new board using the template.

The Company KPIs Board template allows users to generate a comprehensive board containing key metrics that are applicable to most products—engagement, retention, and growth. Using only two events, the template produces nine unique reports that can be further explored, segmented, and customized.

To get started, click the icon in the lefthand navigator to create a new board, and select Use a Template. Alternatively, the Add button will allow you to create a custom board from scratch.

Adding Your Events

The template uses two events: “Sign Up” and “Value Moment.”

  • Sign Up: This is the event where a new user—free or paid—is acquired by creating a new account. 
  • Value Moment: This is the event that indicates that a user is experiencing value in your product. For a social media platform, it could be creating a post; for a streaming service, it's watching a video; for e-commerce, it might be completing a purchase.

For projects that have already been implemented and have data, you will select your two corresponding events, at which point the Apply CTA will be enabled, and your board will be generated.

For projects that do not have data, please refer to our dev docs and implementation resources.

What’s in the Template?

The board contains 9 reports, organized thematically by Engagement, Retention, and Growth.


User engagement measures how users find value in a product or service. Engagement can be measured by a variety of activities such as clicks, shares, and more. Highly engaged users are more likely to lead to higher user growth because they are more likely to share the product or service with their network. These four reports track:

  • How many users are finding value in your product
  • Who are your most engaged users
  • What is your product’s activation rate
  • What happens to users who don’t reach your product’s value moment


Retention is the metric that shows whether your product has staying power. Retention measures how many people are coming back, which is also a key indicator that users are realizing value in your product. These two reports track:

  • How many engaged users come back
  • Who are your dormant users


Growth is about finding people who need your product and showing them that your product can bring value to them. These three reports track:

  • How many new users are signing up
  • Which channels are generating the most signups
  • What is your DAU (Daily Active Users) and WAU (Weekly Active Users)

Together, these 9 reports create a holistic overview of a product’s most important metrics and are applicable across industries and stages of growth. Notably, for startups, this board will be a vital asset for finding product-market fit as well as for sharing with investors during and post-fundraising.

Free Plan Experience

While the current free plan has a limit of 5 saved reports per user, the reports in the Company KPIs Board template do not count towards this limit until you modify and save them individually. The unmodified template includes a small Mixpanel Template tag at the top of the template board and template reports respectively to denote that they do not count towards the saved report limit.


  • You only need two events to use the template (Sign Up & Value Moment)
  • In just a few clicks Mixpanel’s Company KPIs Board template generates 9 reports, covering key KPIs for Engagement, Retention, and Growth
  • If you are a free plan user, the reports in the template don’t count towards your limit until you modify and save them

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