Mixpanel Customer Success

Mixpanel Customer Success partners with customers on the Enterprise plan to assist in the adoption, analytics strategy, and usage of the Mixpanel product. This article will cover:

  1. Contacting Mixpanel Customer Success
  2. Customer Success Offerings

Contacting Mixpanel Customer Success

If you are currently on an Enterprise plan with Mixpanel, your internal Mixpanel champion will have contact information for the Customer Success Manager assigned to you at Mixpanel. If you are unsure about who your Customer Success Manager is or your current Customer Success coverage level, you can contact Mixpanel Customer Success to be introduced.

If you are not currently on an Enterprise plan, we have a network of Partners who are certified in the implementation and usage of Mixpanel who can be found here for further assistance with analytics strategy, adoption, and product usage.

Customer Success Offerings

Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are located all over the world – in San Francisco, New York, London, India, and Singapore – and are assigned to your account based on the location of your core team.

The Customer Success team is here to help you through:

  • Guidance on designing your analytics strategy
  • Guidance on mapping key metrics to reporting within Mixpanel
  • Enablement & training on the Mixpanel’s Applications Services
  • Success planning to make the most of Mixpanel across your organization
  • Beta & new feature release updates
  • Product roadmap sessions
  • Assistance via calls and email

Customer Success offerings vary depending on your Mixpanel plan type. You can get in touch with your Customer Success Manager via the contact information above if you would like to discuss further how Customer Success can help you fully leverage Mixpanel’s powerful solution within your organization.


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