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Where are reports saved to?

Reports are always saved to boards. Previously, reports were separately saved and added to boards. In boards now, when you save a report, you'll be prompted to save it to a specific board. In essence, the board now acts as a folder, with many potential purposes, including:

  • A centralized place to track numerous metrics related to a product launch
  • A chain of analyses digging into a particular behaviour or issue
  • A set of draft reports you're working on

This will make it easy to keep reports organized, and reduce time wasted recreating the same reports again and again.

Note: This change only applies to the reports that can be added to boards—Mixpanel's core reports: Insights, Flows, Funnels, and Retention. Advanced reports like Signal, Experiments, and Impact have been moved to the Applications folder at the top right of the page.


Where are sharing and permissions set?

Previously, sharing and permissions were editable at both the report and board levels. This made managing sharing and permissions tedious due to the sheer number of items requiring individual settings.

Now, all reports saved on the same board will have the same sharing and permissions settings. This means sharing multiple reports with your team is a simple matter of sharing the board. As before, however, any report or board can be shared by simply clicking the "Copy URL" button, and sharing the resulting short link.


What happens to reports on multiple boards?

All copies of reports have a source location. This can be seen when looking at the report details.


However, the same report can be viewed from multiple different boards.


On boards, the arrow icon on the top left indicates of the report lives on this board, or is a linked view.

What is a linked report?

Every report in Mixpanel has a board where it was originally saved to. This is called the original board. However, in the interest of being able to use the same report across a variety of boards and sharing the same insight across your team and company, Mixpanel has introduced the concept of a "linked report". A linked report is denoted by the arrow in the icon of the report. Any time an existing report is added to a board or a copy is made, a linked report is made. Any changes to the report will get reflected in all of the linked reports associated with the report.


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