Cohort limits

Each project is limited to 60 dynamic (recurring) cohort syncs across all destinations. This limit helps ensure that syncs are fast and reliable. We recommend pruning older unused syncs to stay within the limit.

There are no limits for static, or 1-time, syncs.

The exported user data is limited to the following properties:

  • $distinct_id
  • $first_name
  • $last_name
  • $partner_user_id
  • $email
  • $phone

If these properties are not present in your project, users might not be matched in the systems. If an integration partner doesn't use a property to match, it is dropped before ingestion. Please refer to the individual Cohort Sync Help Center pages for the behaviour for specific partners.

The email address and phone number properties will only show in the manual CSV exports for Google Ads and Facebook integrations.

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