Lift / Segment Comparisons


Mixpanel has enhanced the ability to do comparisons across segments in insights. Note that this functionality is currently in beta.

Previously, users could only compare between time periods. With this new release, users can make more comparisons and learn more from their data.


Time Comparisons


The compare to past menu has been modified to include the new comparison options, but users can continue to find the same time comparison options that existed before under the new "Compare" menu.


Time Comparison - Absolute Values


This is the same default behavior that existed previously. When you compare to a time period users will see a solid line for the present data, and a dashed line for data in the time comparison period.


Time Comparison - Relative Values

This can be activated by selecting the "Lift" option in the controller next to the comparison menu.


When this view is activated, users will see the percentage difference from the one time period to another. This is the same value that was shown in the tooltip, but now users are able to show how segments are shrinking and growing over time. This also makes it easier to see relative performance between different segments.


These values are also reflected into the segmentation table below the chart.


Increase over Baseline

Another comparison type that is now natively supported in Mixpanel is the ability to set a segment as a baseline from which other segments are compared against. This allows users to compare different segments across the same time period.


To enable, choose the "Increase over Baseline" option in the compare menu, then choose the segment that you wish to be the baseline.



Notice that because "Home supplies" is chosen at the baseline, it appears on the chart as a flat 0 line - this is because "Home supplies" always has a 0% difference against itself in the same time period.

Also note that the y axis can go below 0, because segments can perform better or worse than the selected baseline, like "Entertainment" above.


Percentage of Overall

This option allows users to see how segments perform as a percentage of the total. Mixpanel will proactively disable this option when this comparison option won't give meaningful results. For example, when viewing the 99th percentile of video watch time, Mixpanel will disable seeing this as a percentage of overall.



To enable, open the Compare menu and select "Percentage of Overall"




Supported Charts

Comparisons are supported across all insights chart types. Depending on the exact configuration chosen, certain comparison operations may be disabled.

Chart Type Time Comparison Supported Increase over Baseline Supported Percentage of Overall Supported
Line Yes Yes Yes
Stacked Line No No Yes
Bar Yes Yes Yes
Stacked Bar Yes No No
Pie No No Yes
Metric Yes Yes Yes


Want to join the beta?

Email and we will get you set up. All that we ask of you is to use the product and give us feedback on what works well for you and what doesn't. We know change is always hard, but we are excited for all the new workflows this will enable, so if you want to help us build the future of analysis in Mixpanel, please join the beta!

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