Metric Visualization

Mixpanel allows for metrics to be displayed as large, highly legible numbers.  This visualization is available for Insights, Funnels Steps, and Retention Trends reports and dashboard cards.



Selecting Metric Visualization


To change an Insights report to metric visualization, select it from the chart type selector at the top right of the chart:


Funnel Steps & Retention Trends

To change a Funnel Steps or Retention Trends report to metric visualization, choose the appropriate toggle from the selector at the top right of the chart:



When saved and added to a dashboard, a report with metric visualization will result in a dashboard card with the same metric visualization.  However, you can also override an existing report's chart type via the dashboard card overflow menu: 


Note: for now, Insights cards on dashboards will display only one segment with the highest value from the corresponding Insights report.  This limitation will be removed in the coming weeks.


Time Period Comparisons

You may wish to enrich your metric visualizations with time period comparisons.  Choosing a time period comparison will display a percentage change figure below the metric itself: 


Percent change is calculated as follows: [(metric value for the selected date range) - (metric value for the prior comparison date range)] / (metric value for the prior comparison date range).

To add a time period comparison, use the "Compare to Past" button to the right of the date selector in your report.



Changes to Time Period Comparisons

Previously, metric visualizations were only available on dashboard cards.  Mixpanel automatically applied a default time period comparison, calculated as the immediately previous period of equal duration to the report's selected date range, to these dashboard cards.  

Now, since the metric visualization is available in reports as well, time period comparisons can be customized.  Therefore, any existing metric dashboard cards that didn't already have a time period comparison saved in its corresponding report will no longer have a default comparison applied.  If you wish for your metric dashboard cards to display time period comparisons, click into each report and add the desired comparison. 

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