Live View

Live View shows the latest events that are sent to Mixpanel. Once the new events show up on Live View, they will be queryable in other Mixpanel reports. 

Live View is designed primarily to help review the state of the latest events as they are sent to Mixpanel for debugging and QA purposes.

Filtering events

When you apply a filter, Mixpanel queries events with timestamps within the last 7 days.

When using the search box, Mixpanel searches from most recent to least recent events that match your query filters up to a maximum of 20,000 events or 7 days (whichever limit comes first).

You can filter events by the following properties in Live View: 

You can use a combination of inline filters and global filters to build a query:


Apart from filtering using the query builder, you can use the search box to find events that have matching keywords. 


Checking events

By default, Live View shows up to the 50 latest events. You can view newly ingested events by clicking the refresh button.

Live View supports the following actions to help you check your events:   

  • View event in table or JSON mode 
  • Switch between all, your, or Mixpanel Default Event Properties
  • Add, rearrange, resize, and remove the columns in the event table 
  • Sort columns 

Viewing user’s profile

Live View allows you to view the profile of the user performing an event by clicking their profile avatar or Distinct ID.

See more data

Data available in Live View is generally available elsewhere in Mixpanel, so you can look at other reports to see more data or a longer time period:

  • If you are filtering for a specific Event and want to see more historical data on that Event, select that Event in Insights for additional analysis.

  • If you are looking to study the activity of a specific user, view that user’s profile in Users to see more data.

If you absolutely want to view the raw data coming into your project or apply more advanced filtering, please use JQL for further analysis.


How long does it take for events to show up on Live View? 

Normally it takes tens of seconds to 3 minutes for events to show up on Live View. 

What do Lexicon Configurations such as Hidden Events, Merged Events, and Display Names look like in Live View?

Hidden events and properties will be visible in the Live View Table.

Merged events and properties will appear under their merged entities like other Mixpanel reports.

In table mode, Live View displays events and properties by their Display Name. In JSON mode, event properties will be displayed with their tracked names.

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