Events (formerly, Live View)

Live View is now Events. In "Events", you can query any event in your entire project's history using any combination of properties and inspect the details for debugging and QA purposes.

Here's a quick overview:

Filtering events

You can filter events by the following properties in "Events": 

You can use a combination of inline filters and global filters to build a query:


Apart from filtering using the query builder, you can use the search box to find events that have matching keywords. 


When using the search box, Mixpanel searches through:

  • Event Properties: distinct_id, $current_url
  • Profile Properties: $email, $name, $first_name, $last_name
  • Specified event property columns in the table

Checking events

"Events" displays at most 100 of the latest events timestamped in the last 30 days of the selected date range.

To view more events, you can click on the "Load More" button at the bottom of the page. 

"Load More" will fetch the next 100 most recent events timestamped in the 30 days prior to the previously fetched events.

Once the new events show up on "Events", they will be queryable in other Mixpanel reports.

You can view newly ingested events by clicking the refresh button. 

"Events" support the following actions to help you check your events:   

  • View event in table or JSON mode 
  • Switch between all, your, or Mixpanel Default Event Properties
  • Add, rearrange, resize, and remove the columns in the event table 
  • Sort column values shown in the table

Viewing user’s profile

You can view the profile activity feed of the user performing an event by clicking their profile avatar and access the user's full profile by clicking their Distinct ID.

Download events

You can download the events loaded in the result by clicking on the "Download" option: Mixpanel__project_3____Events_2021-11-18_13-07-48.png

You can choose to download the events in the form of CSV or JSON. 


How long does it take for events to show up in "Events"? 

Normally it takes from a couple of seconds to 3 minutes for events to show up in "Events". 

What do Lexicon Configurations such as Hidden Events, Merged Events, and Display Names look like in "Events"?

Hidden events and properties will be visible in the "Events" Table.

Merged events and properties will appear under their merged entities like other Mixpanel reports.

In table mode, "Events" displays events and properties by their Display Name. In JSON mode, event properties will be displayed with their tracked names.

Can I do advanced data analysis in "Events"?

"Events" does not support advanced data analysis. It is mainly the place to check the underlying event details which can be extremely useful when debugging query results. You can use Insights report instead to analyze events.  

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