Onboarding Work Plan

Welcome to your onboarding work plan. Use this step by step guide to navigate Mixpanel's resources to learn Mixpanel fundamentals, plan your data, empower your developers, and train up on Mixpanel's functionality. 

Phase 0: Before you get Started

Phase 1: Implementation Kickoff 

Two easy steps to surface the fundamental knowledge and resources necessary to succeed with Mixpanel. Steps (1) and (2) are the perfect starting point for new users looking for quick info to get up and running in Mixpanel.

  1. Guide to Mixpanel Basics
  2. Introduction to Mixpanel (Course)

Phase 2: Planning Your Data 

The next three steps will guide you through your data-planning. To get the most out of Mixpanel, we have to think strategically about beginning with the end in mind. What do we want to measure? How do we measure those things? Determine your goals, how you visualize them, and build a clean tracking plan. 

3. Determine Your Goals And Metrics

4. Choose an Event and Property Naming Convention

5. Creating a Tracking Plan

Phase 3: Implementation for Developers

After you determine why and how you're going to use Mixpanel, give clear directions to your dev team and let them lead the way through the technical side of implementation. 

6. Dev Docs - What is Mixpanel?

Implement with JavaScript SDK

7. Mixpanel Implementation (Course)

Phase 4 : Make Use of Your Data 

The last phase! These last few steps will teach you to navigate Mixpanel to understand hot button metrics like conversion, retention, and churn. 

8. Master Funnels and Retention introductory analysis

9. Learn to Create a Cohort

10. Use Signal to correlate conversion and retention to critical workflows 


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