Custom Brackets in Retention

Not all retention analysis can be done with a set, repeated cadence and it is not always important to measure how a user came back relative to each and every particular time unit.

Custom bracket retention gives you the flexibility to split up your retention buckets into customized intervals of multiple days, weeks, or months to create meaningful touchpoints as you see fit.

How does it work?

For example, let's answer an important mobile gaming question: How often do my users came back and play a game between 15 and 30 days after sign up to represent mid-term players?

**In mobile gaming, industry-standard intervals typically examine retention for users that came back and play a game on Day < 1, Days 1-3, Days 4-7, Days 8-14, and Day 15-30. 

Typical "exact day" retention buckets don't quite solve for this use case because users should be able to play a game on any day between day 15 and 30 and be counted in a single bucket to understand how many users were retained in that entire period. Exact day retention will log users in each individual day bucket (15, 16, 17, ..., 30) which, while more granular, doesn't give a retention percentage for the entire interval. Instead, we want to know how many users played a game at all in any of the days 15-30.

Instead, I will want to create my own custom brackets. 

First, go into the time unit drop-down in the Retention query builder and select Custom


Then, select the size of each bracket for the given time unit. In this example, we are selecting the number of days that are in each custom bracket. Apply.


Each of these intervals is its own retention bucket, and if the user does the "come back and did B" event anytime inside that bucket they are counted as retained. Now I will be able to understand what percent of users come back to play at least one game in any day between day 15 and day 30 from signing up. 

Other great use cases

Free trials: If you want to understand how many users come back to use the product during a 7-day free trial and also who came back and kept using the product in the 30 days after the free trial is up, you could do something like this:


In between cadences: Are you somewhere in between a DAU or WAU product? You can group daily buckets to understand how your users retain every 3 days (bi-weekly).


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