Messages and Mobile A/B Testing Retirement

After careful consideration, Mixpanel will retire support for both Messages and Mobile A/B Testing as of January 1st, 2022. A detailed description of why these features are being deprecated - along with a set of recommended messaging and testing partners to continue enabling your use cases - can be found in our blog post.

Access before and after deprecation

All message delivery infrastructure and the user interfaces for Messages and Mobile A/B Testing will remain in place through all of 2021 for users who have access to the Messages and Experiments features, meaning they can be used in the same capacity as before. After 2021 these various systems will be removed entirely from the product.

What happens to existing campaigns and tests?

Campaigns and A/B tests will no longer deliver messages or experiments to users after the removal of the infrastructure in 2022. It is strongly recommended that users looking to continue running messaging campaigns and A/B tests have a system in place to do so before 2022.

Events and user properties pertaining to users engaging messages and A/B tests will remain in your project as before.

Is there a way to migrate campaigns, tests, or targeting groups?

Users have the option to export email templates by either toggling to the HTML view and copying out the HTML text, or (if using the email graphical editor) pressing the "Export to HTML" button, which will download an HTML file of the email:


For other message formats (push, in-app, SMS), users have the ability to enter the respective message editors and copy out the text used to create the message. Push configurations and in-app HTML cannot be exported.

For targeting groups, because targeting leverages Mixpanel's cohorts feature, cohorts can be either exported via API or synced in-product to a number of Mixpanel's integration partners to provide the same targeting groups to external systems.

Mobile A/B tests designed in Mixpanel's graphical editor cannot be exported.

For tools where Mixpanel offers in-product cohort syncs, refer to the listing of Data Connectors.


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