Viewing Old Events

By default, Mixpanel’s report dropdown menus hide events that have not been fired within the last 30 days. So if there are no instances of an event within the last 30 days, the dropdown menus will not display that event name.

To have an imported event that’s older than 30 days show in the dropdowns, you can:

  • Fire a single instance of that event to bring it within the UI; OR
  • Force the event to show in the dropdown by adjusting the URL to:,arb_event:'YOUREVENTNAME',bool_op:and,chart_analysis_type:linear,chart_type:line,from_date:-365,to_date:0,type:general,unit:month

Be sure to replace "YOURPROJECTNUMBER" and "YOUREVENTNAME" with the specific values for your project.

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