Sharing and Permissions

Mixpanel has updated Sharing and Permissions to enable easier collaboration. You can now easily share Boards, reports, cohorts, custom events and custom properties with other users, teams, or everyone in your project. You can grant granular access with either Viewer or Editor permissions. This update removes any Data View constraints and enables using these saved content across any Data View within the project.

This feature is available on all paid plans. If you are on a free plan, you can click the Share button to copy the report link, but you cannot manage visibility at a more granular level.


All newly saved Boards, reports, cohorts, custom properties and custom events will be private by default— until explicitly shared with others. This helps reduce clutter in everyone's Mixpanel environment as well as accidental changes by others.


Users with Viewer access can interact with Boards and reports but cannot save changes nor share. Viewers of cohorts, custom properties, and custom events can view and use these saved content but cannot make changes nor share them.

Users with Editor access can save changes and share with others.

Exception: Users in the Consumer role cannot share with others.

Sharing with Specific User or Teams

As the content creator, you can share your Board or report by clicking Share and typing in either user's or team's names with whom you want to share. You can select the Viewer or Editor permission level and click Add. Once you have completed the sharing configurations, click Done to make the changes effective. The newly added users or teams will be notified via email with a link to the Board or report that has been shared with them.


Sharing with Everyone in a Project

To share a saved content with every user in a project, select the Share with everyone in [project] checkbox and indicate a permission level:


Creating a Link for Sharing

Use the Copy Link button to share the saved content with a short link. 

All users in the project who have access to the link will be able to view the Board, report, or cohort with viewer permissions. Users who access the saved content from a link will not be added as a collaborator in the sharing modal.


Experience for Users with Viewer Access

Users with Viewer access can interact with the Board, report, or cohort, but they cannot save changes or share with others.



How Do the New Sharing Capability Relate to Visibility Controls?

The new sharing and permissions updates replace the previous visibility and edit controls.

The updates provide more granular control over who can view and update the saved content. For example, if a saved content is shared with a user or a team, only those users can see the shared content.

How does this impact existing Board, reports, cohorts, custom events and custom properties?

Existing Boards, reports, cohorts, custom events and custom properties that were previously set as visible are now shared with everyone in the project to maintain the status quo. If the content editing permission was set to unrestricted, then everyone in the project will have Editor access. The content creator or a project owner can update the sharing and permissions as needed. In addition, all users with Editor access will be able to manage collaborators in the share modal.

How Does This Impact Project Owners?

Project Owners will still be able to view, edit, and share all content created within the project, whether it has been explicitly shared with them or not. If a Project Owner is viewing content to which they do not have Editor access, they will be shown a warning. However, they can continue to edit or share. This update will help reduce accidental changes by Project Owners.


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