Data Classification

This article explains how to mark properties as classified to limit which users can view them.

You must have an active Enterprise plan with Mixpanel to access this feature.

Mark Properties as Classified Data

Navigate to the EVENT PROPERTIES and USER PROFILE PROPERTIES tabs in Lexicon to mark a property as classified.

When you mark a property as classified, users or teams with the checked Can View checkbox checked can see the classified property in reports. You can see the Can View checkbox in Project Settings for individual users and in Organization Settings for teams.

Only project owners and admins can mark a property as classified.

Select a property or group of properties and click Mark Classified.


A pop-up will confirm that you want to mark the selected property or properties as classified.


When you mark a property as classified, the Status column will indicate that the property is classified alongside its visibility state (visible or hidden). If the Status column shows only the visibility state, then the property is not marked as classified.

Manage Classified Data Viewing Permissions for Individual Users

Go to your Project Settings, and then to the tab "Project Users" in order to manage which users can access the events and properties marked as classified.

In the CURRENT USERS table, the Classified Data column indicates which users have permission to view classified data. Click the Can View check box in a user’s row to update their classified data viewing permission.


Click on All Data Permissions to filter the CURRENT USERS table to display only users that can view classified data or only users that cannot view classified data.


Manage Classified Data Viewing Permissions for Teams

Navigate to Organization Settings from the gear icon at the top-right corner of the navigation bar. Go to the Users & Teams tab and click on the team for which you wish to manage permissions. You can manage the team’s access to Classified Data for each of the projects to which they have access.


Analysis Experience for Users that Cannot View Properties Marked as Classified Data

Users that cannot view properties marked as Classified Data can see which specific properties are marked as classified in Lexicon. Users that cannot view properties marked as Classified Data cannot use such properties as filters or breakdowns.


If a report contains any event or property marked as classified when a user without the "Can View" option tries to open it, will see the next warning:


Users that cannot view classified data can click on a Board card to access the full report and determine what properties are preventing them from viewing a report.

Analysis Reports (Insights, Funnels, Flows, and Retention)

Classified properties won't be visibly different when building a report, but if used but a user without the "Can View" option enabled, the next warning will be displayed:



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