How to Learn Mixpanel

This article explains where to go to learn more about Mixpanel.

The data in our own Mixpanel project tells us that users that engage with learning content find insights more quickly, and get more value out of Mixpanel.

The learning landscape at Mixpanel is divided into the Help Center, the developer documentation, Mixpanel video courses, and QBQ | the Mixpanel Community.

Help Center

You are currently reading an article in Mixpanel's Help Center. The Help Center is made up of articles that explain how the different parts of Mixpanel work. 

If you have a specific question about a Mixpanel concept or report, go to the Help Center.

The Help Center's organization matches that of the product to make it easy for you to find the right content.

Section Description
Start Here Introduction to Mixpanel and basic concepts
Data and Implementation Tracking, Identity Management, Lexicon, and Integrations.
Analysis Build and interpret reports in Mixpanel.
Admin Tools to manage your team and access to your data.
Messages and Experiments How to create, target, and analyze multiple message types.

Developer Documentation

If you are responsible for implementing Mixpanel for your team, check out the developer documentation. The "dev docs" contain technical guidance about Mixpanel’s SDKs, APIs (ingestion endpoints, query endpoints, export endpoints, and Data Pipelines, Mixpanel’s managed data infrastructure product), and technical information to set up your Mixpanel project to send messages (email, in-apps, push notifications, and webhooks).

Access the dev docs here.

Video Courses

Our Introduction to Mixpanel course provides a guided way for beginners to learn Mixpanel. Learn key concepts to get up and running efficiently.

Access here.

QBQ | The Mixpanel Community

QBQ is a community platform where you can ask questions about Mixpanel reports, discuss analytics topics with other users, and connect with the Mixpanel team.

Users in QBQ regularly share best practices, troubleshooting tips, and help each other find answers quickly.

Access QBQ | The Mixpanel Community here.


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