Configure Single Sign-On with Microsoft Azure

You can set up Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On to use with your Mixpanel account. Before using this document, read the general Mixpanel SSO set-up instructions as well as Azure’s documentation on setting up a new application. 

Add Mixpanel as a New Application

For more information, read this Microsoft Azure article about configuring Mixpanel for automatic user provisioning. 

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Applications on the Microsoft Azure home page under Default Directory.
  2. Click New Application.
  3. Search and select Mixpanel to add as an application.

Edit SAML Config in Microsoft Azure

  1. Click Single sign-on under Manage.
  2. Enter the following information in the SAML Configuration:
    1. Entity ID:
    2. Reply URL:
    3. Postback URL you get from mixpanel:<your org id>
  3. Click Edit under User Attributes & Claims to rename the email address claim to email.
  4. Download the SAML certificate. 

Copy Certificate into Mixpanel 

  1. Navigate to the OVERVIEW tab in Access Security section in your Mixpanel ORGANIZATION SETTINGS.Screen_Shot_2020-03-10_at_1.57.42_PM.png
  2. Upload the certificate in the SAML Certificate field. 
  3. Input the Azure AD Identifier into the Issuer URL field.
  4. Input the Azure Login URL in the Identity Provider Sign-in URL field. 
  5. Assign your team members this new application.Screen_Shot_2020-03-10_at_1.54.58_PM.png
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