Predict Retirement FAQ

The Predict report was retired on April 30th. This page answers common questions about the retirement.

Why is Predict being retired?

Predict was launched to help customers better target their messages by identifying the users most and least likely to convert on a specified goal. Usage of the feature was minimal, which indicates that Mixpanel's efforts are better spent elsewhere. Retiring Predict will enable Mixpanel to focus on other products that deliver greater value.

For example, the technology behind Predict is now helping to power the new Impact Report, which enables product teams to accurately determine how their feature launches changed user behavior, without an A/B test. Learn more about causal inference in the Impact Report here.

What will happen to my Predictions?

Starting on April 6th, you will no longer be able to create new Predictions.

On April 30th, the following will occur:

  • The Predict Report will no longer be accessible on Mixpanel.
  • Predict Grades on your user profiles will stop updating. While you will still be able to use Predict Grades to create cohorts and target users, keep in mind that since they will no longer be updated, over time their accuracy will deteriorate.
  • Messages whose targeting criteria is based on Predict Grades will be paused.

What if I want to remove my Predictions?

As existing Predictions will likely become inaccurate when they are no longer updated starting April 30th, you may want to remove them.  

If you’d like to remove your Predict Grades contact support or your CSM.

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