Automated Alerts Retirement FAQ

Automatic Insights, Automatic Segmentation, and Anomaly Detection alerts were retired on April 30th.  This page answers common questions about the retirement.

Why are Automated Alerts being retired?

Automated Alerts was launched to relieve customers’ need to constantly check in on their metrics, by automatically alerting them when metrics changed unexpectedly.  While it partially met this goal, the later launch of Custom Alerts provided much more value for customers, reflected by the usage metrics for each product. Going forward, Custom Alerts will enable customers to precisely monitor their metrics.

Why Custom Alerts and not Automated Alerts?

Custom Alerts have three key advantages over Automated Alerts:

  • Custom Alerts are customizable to your specifications.  You can set the alert to trigger at the exact threshold where you’d like to be informed of a change in your metric’s value, or be alerted when a metric deviates by a relative margin.
  • Custom Alerts is more reliable than Automated Alerts.  Automated Alerts was best suited to identify rapid changes in a metric’s value, whereas a Custom Alert will trigger regardless of how quickly or slowly a metric crosses your threshold.
  • Custom Alerts are delivered via email, allowing you to take action without logging in to Mixpanel.

What will happen to my Automated Alerts subscriptions?

Mixpanel will disable the creation of new alert subscriptions beginning on April 6th.  However, your existing alerts will continue to monitor metrics until April 30th.  

Check your Automated Alerts subscriptions by clicking on the bell icon in the top right of the navigation bar and selecting Manage Alerts.


For any key metrics, consider creating Custom Alerts in place of the Automated Alerts. To learn more about how to create Custom Alerts, click here.

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