Journeys Basics


Access to Journeys is restricted to those participating in the closed beta. Additional customers will not be added to this beta.

Mixpanel’s Journeys allows you to create a sequence of messages that are sent based on cohorts or filters. You can decide which messages to deliver at each point in your user’s journey.

This article explains Journeys basics. Learn about how to build a journey here

Journey Components

Mixpanel’s Journeys lets you build a series of Webhook, Email, SMS, and Push  messages using entry criteria, cohort filters, and time delays. 


Journeys does not support in-app messages.

The journey table is where you can see all of your saved journeys, including active, inactive and draft journeys.


When you open a journey, you can add and arrange entry blocks, cohort filters, and message blocks. The journey settings toolbar includes draggable buttons to add Webhook, Email, SMS, Push, and Cohorts. 

Entry Block

You must have an entry block to determine how and when users enter your journey. You can configure entry criteria based on an event. Users can only enter a journey once. 

Message Blocks 

Add a message block to your journey to include Webhook, Email, SMS, or Push messages. You can copy messages that have been created and saved in Messages. 


When you copy a message to a journey the message contents are duplicated into a new message. Targeting criteria are not duplicated into the journey. Changes are limited to the copied journey, and do not impact the original message. 


Cohort Filter

Add a cohort filter to split the path of your journey into users that are in and out of the selected cohort. For more information about cohorts see this article


When you add a cohort filter, the journey splits into users that are in the cohort and users that are out of the cohort.


Time Delays

You can decide when your message is sent by adding a time delay to a message, or sending the message as soon as possible. The time delay is the minimum amount of time between when the user received the previous message, and when the next message is sent. 

You can set a different time delay for each message in your journey. If a message block has multiple incoming connectors, then each incoming connector will have the same delay.


Journey Analytics and Tracking

You can track Journey events with Mixpanel to see if users who received a message went on to complete a certain key event. See this article for details about what events you can track for each message type. 

Testing a Journey

To test a Journey, you can send the journey to yourself by adding a cohort filter in the entry criteria. Set the cohort to target only your own email, phone number, or device to receive the messages as a test. Since users can only receive a journey once, you will need to create a separate journey each time you want to test the journey by sending it to yourself.

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