Data Residency in EU

EU Data Residency is currently in BETA and only available on Enterprise plans. If you are not on an Enterprise plan and want to learn if Data Residency is right for you please reach out to your Relationship Manager to learn more.

Data Residency refers to the physical/geographical storage location of an organization's data or information.

As a Mixpanel customer in the EU, you have the option to switch to Mixpanel's EU data center post implementation, and have your data stored exclusively in the EU. You do not automatically get Data Residency and are not automatically set up in the EU data center. You must reach out to your Relationship Manager, Account Executive, or Sales Representative to ensure you are signed up for our EU Data Residency program.

Mixpanel is at feature parity between the product experience we offer to our EMEA and North American customers. You do not lose any product capability because you choose to store your data in the EU.

If you are coming to use it from a Customer Data Platform (CDP), Mixpanel cannot guarantee that data ingestion, processing and storage will always stay within the EU region. Please work with your CDP to make sure they are sending your data to the EU endpoint. 

The following diagram shows how Mixpanel's Data Residency works:


New Customers

You do not automatically start sending your events to the Mixpanel data center in Europe. 

Your developers must implement the Mixpanel tracking code so that data is ingested, processed and stored in the EU data center. Implementation documentation can be found here

Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer that wants to migrate all historical data to the EU, please note that at this time Mixpanel does not offer migration to customers that are also leveraging aliasing or ID Management. 

If you do not use ID management, Mixpanel can easily migrate all your historical data and set you up in our EU data center. You will also be required to make tracking implementation changes as described here.


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