Formulas Retirement FAQ

Mixpanel is retiring the Formulas report to the Applications pane on the top right of your Mixpanel window on October 30, 2019. The Insights report has been re-designed to include all of the Formulas report functionality. Here are some common questions that you may have about the retirement. 

Why is Formulas being retired?

Although Formulas is a great report to analyze ratios between events, it was not designed to answer complex queries beyond this use case. We built Insights as a more powerful and flexible report for customers to analyze their events, and go deep in exploring their data.

All Formulas functionality is now included in the Insights report. By focusing on fewer reports, Mixpanel can release new features faster and continue building out Insights to be the most powerful exploratory tool. 

How do I use formulas in the Insights report?

For more information on how to use formulas in the Insights report, see the Build an Insights Report article. 


Why Insights and not Formulas?

The Insights report includes all of the same functionality as the Formulas report, and all analysis capabilities can be recreated in Insights. The Insights report has some features and performance capabilities that the Formulas report lacks. 

The following Insights report features make the insights report the more powerful way to use formulas:    

  • Apply formulas to more than two events
  • Create a formula to display a goal line on your chart
  • Compare multiple Formulas in one report
  • Breakdown Formula results by properties or cohorts
  • Apply cohorts to analyze how groups of users behave
  • Compare time ranges to see how trends & ratios are changing over time
  • Receive anomaly alerts with explanations, so you can act quickly
  • Flexible time ranges with options including: "today", "yesterday", "last x days", “since”, and “on”
  • Add formulas to dashboards

What will happen to the bookmarks I have in Formulas?

To make the transition from Formulas to Insights, you will have access to existing Formulas bookmarks through the bookmark URL, or in the “Applications” menu, but you should transition any important bookmarks to Insights before you are unable to access them.

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