Use Case for Retention

This article demonstrates a common use case for Mixpanel's Retention report.

Cate is a game developer for FantasyWorld Co. and she wants to know if players are moving through the levels of the game she helped create. 

Using the Retention report, Cate can see how often players are coming back over time. Cate created a recurring report to see if players that are completing a level are returning to complete other levels. She chose to analyze this behavior on a weekly basis, with the knowledge that it takes players an average of a week to complete a level. 


Based on data from the last 30 days, the Retention report shows that only 60% of users are returning to complete another level, one week after completing the first level. 

After interpreting the Retention report, Cate can further analyze the conversion rate between levels in Funnels, she can target players with an In-App message incentivizing them to continue on to the next level, or she can make changes in the app to improve her retention rate.

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