Use Case for Insights

Here's a video that shows a set of use-cases with Mixpanel's Insights report:

Here's another common use-case: Jenny is a Marketing Manager for an online shoes marketplace. and she wants to know which utm source is getting the maximum number of purchases to the platform. 

In Insights, Jenny looks at purchase activity by selecting the "Complete Purcahse" event and analyzing the activity over the last 1 month. Mixpanel returns an aggregate number of the total times the event was performed, but Jenny wants to dig deeper.

She elects to break down the data by the event property "UTM_source", which categorizes the results into the different UTM_source values of the "Complete Purchase" event. 


Based on the data from the last 30 days, the Insights report shows that LinkedIn is the highest source of paid conversions.

Frequency analysis

It's important to know what's the natural frequency at which your users use your product / experience the core value proposition of your product - do majority of your users use your product daily? weekly ? monthly? A16Z wrote a great article about the Power User Curve, and this video below shows how you can reproduce that within Mixpanel:

Other use-cases:


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