Use Case for Insights

This article demonstrates a common use case for Mixpanel's Insights report

Jenny is a Marketing Manager for Media Inc. and she wants to know which social media channel is producing the most viewership on their app. 

In Insights, Jenny looks at viewership activity by selecting the "View Content" event and analyzing the activity over the last three months. Mixpanel returns an aggregate number of the total times the event was performed, but Jenny wants to dig deeper.

She elects to break down the data by the event property "Campaign Source", which categorizes the results into the different sources of the "View Content" event. 


Based on the data from the last three months, the Insights report shows that Facebook is the highest source of traffic. 

After interpreting the Insights report, Jenny can further analyze which campaign source is the cause of long term viewership with Retention, she can explore what viewers are doing after viewing content with Flows, or she can advise her marketing team where to reallocate their budget spend. 


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