Creating Cohorts from Retention

Examine the users in your Retention buckets in more detail by creating cohorts directly from the Retention report. You can create cohorts for users that were retained or for users that dropped out.

Creating a cohort of users that were retained allows you to investigate the properties that led to retention. You can also create a cohort of users who have dropped out of retention so you can contact them and encourage retention.

This is an Enterprise-only feature. The feature is not available for Frequency Retention reports.

Click a segment or bucket of the Retention report to create a cohort from that group of users.


Click the Create cohort button, and then select either Retained users or Dropped users.

In the window that pops up, a title and description for the cohort is automatically created, which you can choose to edit. You will not be able to edit the targeting components of the cohort once it is saved, as it is a snapshot of the users in that retention bucket. You will not be able to edit the title after the cohort is saved, but you will be able to edit the description.


After you have made any edits to the title or description of the cohort, click Save.

A small blue box will pop up at the bottom of the screen after you click save. From here you can click GO TO COHORT LIST to view your cohorts, including the one that you just created.

Scenarios in which Cohort Creation is Disabled

There are two situations in which it will not be possible to create a cohort from the Retention report:

  1. When there are zero retained or dropped users in the bucket. Cohorts can only be created when there is at least one eligible user.


  2. When retention is segmented by a cohort. You must select all users in the query builder to create a cohort.
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