Creating Cohorts from Funnels

Examine the users in your funnels in more detail by creating cohorts directly from the funnel. You can create a cohort of the users who dropped off at a certain step in the funnel to target them for a messages campaign to encourage conversion.

This is an Enterprise-only feature.

Select a piece of the funnel you want to create a cohort from. You can select any step of the funnel, or even the drop-off from the funnel.


Click the Create cohort button. If you have selected drop-off, you will be able to choose to either create a cohort of drop-offs up to that step, or drop-offs only in that step.


In the window that pops up, a title and description for the cohort is automatically created, which you can choose to edit. You will not be able to edit the title or targeting components of the cohort once it is created, but you will be able to edit the description as normal.

Then, click Save.

After you click Save a small blue box will pop up at the bottom of the screen, where you can click on GO TO COHORT LIST to view your cohorts, including the one you just created.

Cohorts from Funnels are Immutable

Cohorts created from funnels do not update over time like other cohorts. They are based off of the funnel report structure at the time the cohort was created. However, membership of the cohort will update when users qualify or stop qualifying for the cohort.

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