Organization Roles and Permissions

An organization is a collection of Projects, Teams and Users that share the same billing account. Organization roles have different user permissions that accommodate different user types.

For more information on specific project role permissions, see Project Roles and Permissions.

Paid organizations have four roles: Owner, Admin, Billing Admin, and Member.

Free organizations have two roles: Owner and Billing Admin. 

Permissions Table 

This table visually breaks down all the permissions per role on an organization level.

Organization Role



Billing Admin


Manage Billing Plans

Create Projects

Delete Projects

Create/Delete Teams

Transfer Projects between Organizations

Add/Invite/Remove users to an Organization and or Projects

Add/Modify/Remove Service Accounts to Organization and or Projects

Modify Roles - Organization Level

Modify Roles - Make themselves an Owner


Modify Roles - Project/Team Level

Modify 2FA and SSO

Request Organization Deletion


Organization Owners have administrative permissions for the organization and all the projects in the organization. Multiple users can be Owners. However, each organization must have at least one Owner.

Organization Owners can:

  • Manage Billing Plans
  • Create and Delete Teams
  • Create Projects
  • Delete Projects
  • Transfer Projects between Organizations
  • Add and Invite users to an Organization and or Project(s)
  • Remove users from an Organization and or Project(s)
  • Modify Roles - Organization Level
  • Modify Roles - Projects/Teams Level
  • Modify Security Access: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Delete an Organization

All of the actions listed can be performed within the Organization Settings.


Organization Admins have permissions to manage projects, members and roles in the organization. Organization Admins have the same permissions as Organization Owners EXCEPT for the following:

Organization Admins CANNOT:

  • Request Organization deletions
  • Delete Projects
  • Transfer Projects between Organizations
  • Manage Billing Plans

Billing Admin

Organization Billing Admins can only manage billing plans for your company. The Billing Admin does not have to belong to a team or project. A user can be a Billing Admin and also a member of a Project or a Team simultaneously.

Billing admins can view organization settings solely to:

  • Manage Billing Plans
  • Update Billing Information
  • View Receipts
  • Submit a Downgrade Request


Organization Members have no permissions to control or manage organization settings.

In order for a user to have access to project(s) and/or team(s), they must first be added to the organization as a Member.

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