Delete or Reset a Project

If a project in Mixpanel is no longer useful, or if the data needs to be reset, you can do so through your project settings.

Deleting a Project

Before deleting your project, you must stop sending data to the project. You can do this by removing any tracking code that you have set up in your implementation to capture events or people updates.

If you like, you can export a backup of the data in the project. You can find some more detailed instructions for exporting events in our help docs here.

To delete the project, you must be the project owner.

To do so, click on the settings gear in the top right of Mixpanel and select Project settings.


At the bottom of the window that pops up, click Delete Project and confirm.


Resetting a Project

You can also choose to reset the data in a project without deleting it. This may be useful if you want to remove data from your project that was implemented incorrectly, or after a major change to the structure of your app.

To do so, follow the instructions above and then click Reset Project Data in your project settings and confirm.


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