Organization Settings

Organization settings allows you to manage administrative information, such as team permissions and billing.

All company projects, users, teams, and billing plans roll up to an organization level. A company’s organization has an organization owner, admin, and billing admin to manage administrative and billing tasks.

Previously, project owners were responsible for all administrative duties. These are now separated across roles in an organization.

To view more information on Mixpanel Organizations, view the Organizations Overview article.

Access Organization Settings

To access the Organizations settings menu:

  1. In the Mixpanel header bar, click the icon with your initials.
  2. Under “ORGANIZATION SETTINGS”, click the organization you want. In the image below, you would click TestCorp. Note that the name you see depends what the organization owner names the organization. For example, if the organization owner from Acme Test Corporation names the organization “TestCorp”, then that is the name that displays on the top right.


Organization Settings Overview

The following settings are accessible from the Organization Settings menu:



Not every user will see these settings for Organizations.

  • Users that are assigned member roles won't see these settings.
  • Only organization owners, admins, and billing admins will be able to see these settings.
  • Users without a project admin or owner role on a specific project in the current session won't be able to see project settings.
  • All roles can see account settings.


The "Overview" menu shows information that is associated with an organization. You can see an organization's purchase plans, update payment information, downgrade the plan, and cancel your plan.



The "Projects" menu allows you to create and manage Mixpanel projects.



To grant access to all projects, create a team and add all projects and organization members to that team to allow users to have access to all projects.


The "Users" menu is where you invite new users and manage your existing users.



The "Teams" menu is where you create new teams and manage your existing teams. This includes setting team permissions. 


Access Security

The "Access Security" menu is where you can set up single sign-on or two factor authentication for users.


Data and Privacy

The "Data and Privacy" menu is where Mixpanel account holders can request to access or delete their account usage data.



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