Mixpanel Support Policy and Offerings

Mixpanel Support Engineers are always ready to lend their product expertise and share tips to help you get the most out of your Mixpanel experience. This article will cover:

  1. Contacting Mixpanel Support
  2. Support Offerings and Response Times

Contacting Mixpanel Support

  1. If you're logged in to Mixpanel, click on “Contact Support” in the Help Menu:


  2. If you aren't logged in, you can access the same form by going to: mixpanel.com/get-support

  3. If you are unable to log in, or don't have a Mixpanel account yet, you can follow this link to submit a request via our Help Center.

Support Offerings & First Response Times

Our Support Engineers are located all over the world – in San Francisco, Barcelona, London, and Singapore – and we strive to respond to support issues as quickly as possible. Support offerings vary depending on your Mixpanel plan.

If you have any paid plan, you can submit a ticket through the webform for any issue. If you're on our free plan, you can submit a ticket for critical issues only (see definitions below). For any non-critical issues, visit our Help Center and Community.

Plan Critical FRT* Normal FRT* Hours of Operation
Premium Plus** 1 hour 4 hours 24 x 7
Premium Support** 4 hours 8 hours 24 x 5 
Enterprise 8 hours 24 hours 24 x 5 
Growth 24 hours 48 hours 24 x 5 
Free 48 hours N/A 24 x 5 

* FRT: First Response Time (within the Hours of Operation). First response times are response times within the Hours of Operation and represent target response times except for critical issues for customers on Premium Support packages. 

** Add-on Support Plans available for purchase with the Enterprise plan.

Severity Levels

If you’re experiencing a persistent, widespread issue or cannot access your account, we'll prioritize your ticket as Critical. To see if there are any incidents affecting Mixpanel services, visit Mixpanel’s Status Page (or subscribe to receive notifications of future status updates). For all other issues, we’ll do our best to respond according to the table above and the severity of the issue. In the meantime, feel free to review our self-serve resources:


Persistent, widespread issues with no reasonable workaround available, such as system unavailability or significant performance degradation. Official SDKs are materially and persistently not operating in accordance with the documentation with no reasonable workaround available.

Also includes issues accessing your account.


Integration troubleshooting, investigating data integrity issues, message configuration, and other inquiries for non-critical technical issues. Requests for information on product capabilities, building and analyzing reports, and best practices.


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