Mixpanel Support Policy

This article describes the support policy for Mixpanel users.

Mixpanel endeavors to provide the right information to the right user at the right time.


To ensure users get the information they want quickly, Mixpanel Support provides access to these resources:

Ticket Submission

The speed of the support team’s response time depends on your support plan and the severity level of your question.

Severity Levels


Persistent, widespread issues with no reasonable workaround available, such as system unavailability or significant performance degradation.
Official SDKs are persistently not operating in accordance with the documentation. Also includes issues accessing your account.


Integration troubleshooting, investigating data integrity issues, message configuration, and other inquiries for non-critical technical issues.


Requests for information on product capabilities, building and analyzing reports, and best practices.

Regardless of the support plan, these issues are critical for all users:

  • I don't have the features I'm paying for
  • Unable to access Mixpanel
  • Login issues
  • Data delays
  • Request a plan change or a refund
  • GDPR compliance requests


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