View, Export, & Message Cohorts

View the complete list of users in a cohort in Mixpanel or export the cohort to share this list outside of Mixpanel. When viewing your list of cohorts from the cohort manager, hovering over a cohort in the list will show an “eye” icon.


Click on the eye icon to view the list of users that currently match that cohort’s criteria.

Export Cohorts

Click the export icon to download this list as a CSV file.


The CSV file will be sent to the email connected to your Mixpanel account. You will be required to enter your Project API Secret to get access to the CSV file containing the list.


  • The export will only show the people properties of users in the cohort that are viewable in the currently displayed table at the time of export. You don't get ALL of a user's people properties.
  • Users who exist in the cohort that don't have a People profile will appear in the CSV as a distinct_id only.

Delete Cohorts

Click on the trash icon to delete a cohort.


If you create cohorts based off of other cohorts, you will not be able to delete the original cohort the new cohort is dependent on.

For example, you can create a new cohort A which combines cohorts B and C, but you will not be able to delete cohorts B or C, until you delete cohort A.

Likewise, if a cohort is used to target a message, you will not be able to delete that cohort without deleting the message.

Message Cohorts

To send a one-time message to a cohort, click the eye icon to view a cohort you want to contact.

Select the users in the cohort that you wish to contact, click Send A Message, and select the type of message you want to send from the drop down. This is not available for in-app messages.


Prepare your message as usual.

You can also use cohorts in messages to target users.

For details on how to create messages, see the following:

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